Monday, December 30, 2013

2013.... Glad it's over!

This time of the year I always do my little reflection post... This one, I don't know where to start... I want to cry and laugh and cry and laugh!  That was 2013 for me... a rollercoaster!  So let's just say, without a shadow of a doubt, I am so glad it's December 30th and it's almost over!

Here goes...

Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary to my man... Not a great start in a wheelchair!  Argh! Missing my sun and tan and beach and fun of summer... Surprise Benita... you have a brand new car (papou surprised her!)... Happy 18th to my baby girl!... Year 12 for my little man!  Winter buying... Thank God for Anna and Benita... hard to do appointments in a wheelchair!... New season starts arriving! More Thank God for Anna and Benita... More surgery... Yeah off the wheelchair... Back to the shop! Anna is going to Singapore... Life is never going to be the same at Little by Little... Bali! Yeah for some me and hubby time! Finally have my tan! ... Introducing  homewares... Oh the fun... must stop buying everything for me!... Anna is gone (sad/snotty/teary face)! Bring on new season... Ahhhh! Summer is finally here! (fashion that is...) Zimmermann, Desigual, Minti, Paperwings!... Bye Bye to Bluff Road Black Rock... a few months online! Pop-up shop! Thank you Kirsty from Syrup ... cupcakes and champagne!  what more does a girl want! Welcome back Lelli Kelly Shoes... Hello Balcombe Road Black Rock...  Bye Bye Keats St! Exams for Dean!  Argh! nervous/anxious/wish-I-sat-them... Rock Your Baby, Photoshoot with Red Rabbit and gorgeous Meika... Both my babies are away... Results! Yeah! ... Christmas ... family/friends... right about now!

I can't believe the year I have had!

This year I really could not have done it without the unwavering support of my family and friends!  To say they stood by me is an understatement!  To say they pushed and encouraged me is why I am where I am today... To my loyal customers, thank you for your loyalty, friendship and love!  To my little people, what can I say, your smiles/hugs/laughter make this job so easy!

If you could indulge me for a bit I would like to express the biggest thank you to some amazing people... My husband, we are a team even though this year you were the coach.  My babies Benita and Dean, even though they had such huge year of their own, Benita starting uni and Dean doing year 12, they did so so much for me (Dean does the most amazing breakfasts!), Anna Lloyd, who was to me this year just got on with it and did what needed to be done like it was her own business, my cousins, my friends (too many to name individually and you know who you are...)!

Bring on 2014!  So much new, good and different is happening and I can't wait to share it with out!

Enjoy, stay tuned and I really want a serene 2014!

Chat soon!


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