Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What's going on????

"Oh My God! You're back!"
"So happy to see you back!"
"Missed you!"
"Thought you were going online..."

Let's just say I have heard the above so many times the last couple of weeks... And yes I am back in Black Rock!

What an awesome view! The Black Rock clock tower!

I will start from the start... I closed my bigger store in Black Rock for a number of reasons, a couple of months ago.  My reasons were varied from personal, ie my health/accident, to financial, ie too high rent, to staffing, ie I couldn't work so much.

So I set myself up at home and have been working on Little by Little through my website (have a look... it's pretty cool!).  The online business has been slowly gaining momentum, so I needed to set-up an office/showroom somewhere.  You see when I was working from home, I had many of my beautiful customers wanting to have a base to pick things up from, touch and feel things, try things on.  So with that in mind I siezed the opportunity that this little shop across the road from Fresco and Eco-D presented.  To make things easier I had my friend Christine from Christine Paterson Interiors wanting to move her office away from her home as well...

Some of the new brands we are showcasing... Camilla for kids

So here we are back in Black Rock now at 614 Balcombe Road.  Christine and I share the space, she runs her business and I run mine.  Our businesses are two separate entities and no we are not in business together! I am open Thursday to Saturdays for general shop sales and the other two days I am there by appointment only... I will be increasing the days leading up to Christmas.  I will not stock the same level of quantities that I did before, rather I will be showcasing brands.  This give me the opportunity to showcase new and unique brands rather then the common brands sold everywhere.  This also gives me the added bonus of stocking a few of my favourite womens brands.

Our new space!

Our new corner 

It's a cute little space that I am enjoying working from.  The thing that I have loved the most from being there the last few weeks is seeing my little people again... them dropping by for a hello and seeing their smiley face... Oh and the fact that Davey Mac Ice Cream is 3 doors up!!! 

Really truly THE BEST ICE CREAM! Cherry Frozen Yoghurt from Davey Mac

With that in mind, make sure you pop in and have a look at our new set-up, visit our website for all of our stock, stay tuned for invites to many of our up-coming events and remember to always shop local!

Cupcakes from Jenn CuppaCake from our launch weekend! YUM!

Oh and to Georgia saying that me leaving was like a part of her childhood going, you can't imagine how much that meant to me... Thank you for the love Black Rock/Beaumaris.

Chat soon!


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  1. That ice cream looks super good and the cupcakes are really cute!!

    With lots of love from the North Pole,
    Elfie, Leader of the Elves at Christmas World