Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hair Accessories

I think I am very particular, with everything!

I get so many people sending me images of things that they sell and out of everything I see I probably like 5% of that, sometime I think even less than that.  From that 5% I will probably stock .5% so the chances of liking something and than subsequently having it in my shop are very slim and exceptional!

I still remember the day that the beautiful Annie from Little Bowtique called in to see me at my shop in Hampton!  The year was 2009 and it was love at first sight!  She had me at hello or more accurately, her hair accessories had me at hello, (no offence Annie!)  Since then, I have seen Annie's creativity and talent grow and so has her range!

We collaborated late last year and did an amazing photo shoot with the wonderful Lauren Sadler, a specialist in infant and toddler photography,  and here is the result... some absolutely amazing images that showcase Annie's beautiful products.

Of course none of this would have been possible if not for our amazing supermodels, Lucinda, Mackenzie, Sophie, Saffie, Chillie, Poppy and Lola!  

All the beautiful hair accessories can be purchased from Little by Little!

Chat soon!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

and now... for the nursery inspirations!

we did the girl rooms, then the boy rooms and the cutest of the lot is right here...

"THE" wallpaper!  

Apart from the great use of colour I feel here that
the Missoni rug brings it all together

A scandinavian feel is evident here!

loving the 3D butterflies of this pretty girl room!

I have just realised that I have common theme here...

A bit of vintage... love the birdcages
and the wardrobe!

such a sophisticated room for a little person! 

yeap... here it is again... grey/white!

my favourite boho room!  what's not to love!

loving the mushroom lamp!

and again... white/grey this time with aqua!
also loving chevron linen!

the wallpaper is such a feature creating
an organic vibe to this room!

the pattern in the linen ties this room together!
also I really love a window seat!

honestly, I didn't realise how much I love white/grey
with a dash of colour!

next instalment will be shared rooms... stay tuned!

Chat soon!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

boy room inspiration!

who says that boys room are boring????  Not me and not by the look of these rooms....

every room need an apple green swing!

Okay you will see I have a "thing" for maps... and stars and stripe
more to follow

I really like the vintage print and "danish" feel
of the room

<3 amp="amp" br="br" cowhide="cowhide" flag="flag" pillows="pillows" the="the">

the vintage bed here is gorgeous!

simple and elegant, total scandinavian feel

the doors on the cupboard as well and the cowhide!

stars, stripes red white & blue

I love the colour combination!

the whole room is wallpapered with the
map of the world

What do you think of this collection of boys rooms?

Next it will be my favourite nurseries!

Chat soon!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Girl Room Inspiration

Love the "less is more" approach to most things in life... so it is easy to see why I love these gorgeous girls rooms!  

great colour combination white/hot pink/orange! amazing!

what's not to love... especially the bird nests on the wall!

great use of an awkward space

this room feels so new even with the old style iron bed

the bedding!  what great styling!

love the mushroom lamp and again simplicity

the wall! the crocheting! the bed! everything!

I have recommended the "special" dresses as wall art before!

the truth is I want this room for me ...

Coming soon my favourite boys rooms and nurseries!

Chat soon!