Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Instagram 101

Okay just putting it out there... I am not very tech savvy!  I am of the try-stuff-up-fix-learn school...

The above is my disclaimer... you see I have discovered my love of photography!  And I am not a photographer or anything, I just love taking photos with my i-phone thanks to instagram!

Now for those that don't know Instagram is a free photo sharing app that you can get for your phone.  The best thing about instagram is that its so easy to use..

Take a picture
Use one of the many filters to alter its appearance
Put it on Instagram
Share it on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter (if you want!)

If you don't already have an account set one up its very easy... Download the app here

Some of the different filters!

Now there is no excuse for you not to join our photo challenge!  It's easy as that... look at the prompt, snap your interpretation of it, post it on instagram and don't forget to include #kidsbeingkidsaugust! Have fun and remember tomorrows prompt is "SMILE"!  Let's see what beautiful images we will get from that!

To follow me it's helen_littlebylittle

I will post some other fun camera apps in the coming week!

Chat soon!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Photo Challenge Every Month #kidsbeingkids

Who is on Instagram and Facebook?  Who likes taking photos? Who likes taking photos of their kids? Have you heard of Photo-a-day  from Fat Mum Slim?

Enough with the questions!  Well if you have answered YES to one or more of those questions you are in for a treat!

You can join in the fun by playing the KIDS being KIDS photo sharing game. Your images are shared either on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the monthly hashtag and @helen_littlebylittle.

This fun and creative ideas was started by one of my favourite bloggers Fat Mum Slim.  The concept is very simple, you have a daily prompt, you capture an image based on that prompt, you share those images!  Simple but clever... So with the blessing of the gorgeous Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim, we are starting our own, one that is designed for kids! Babies, toddler, school children, big kids or your furry kids!  We don't care... Just join in!

The prompts are easy... and its all open to your own personal interpretation! Let's say the prompt is Water, you can capture your child at the pool, your furry child running on the beach, a glass of water, your baby in the bath!  That simple... there is no right or wrong.  And if you miss a day, so what, you can jump on and off at any stage!

The main things to remember are your hashtags, they change every month, and the most important thing... to have fun! Get your friends involved, just tag them on the Little by Little's facebooks page image of the prompts and no doubt there will be something at the end of it for you!

Please join me on either Little by Little's facebook page or Little by Little's Instagram!

Again, if there are any questions, please please please either ask here, or on Facebook!

Now August Prompts are:

Chat soon!