Monday, April 23, 2012

Black Lace...

I am going through a massive fixation with lace right now!

I guess I have always loved lace, especially black lace, but with so much cheap quality lace on the market, it can be quite a challenge to find beautifully designed lace of nice quality.

Emma Stone in Tom Ford
All the key international and local designers have really used lace the last few seasons and it has infiltrated through to kids fashion!  So happy about that! My favourite

Designers like Ellie Saab, Isabel Marant, Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen have used lace as a key aesthetic whilst local designers like Collette Dinnigan on a local level have been a lace faithful.

This season Fred Bare have done lace justice!  Loved both the black lace skirt and the green dress!  Both available to purchase instore and online.
Fred Bare 1907 green lace dress
Fred Bare 1206 black lace skirt

Chat soon!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Love affair... the beginning!

Little girls walks in the shop, say she is approximately 18 months old, barely walking... what is the first thing she does when she walks in???

Play with the toys? No
Look at clothes around the shop? No.
Do things with her mum/dad? No.
The first thing she will do is go straight to the shoes, pick a pair irrespective of size and try them on!  This love affair with girls and shoes starts at a very young age and does not end! 

So the question here is... Is it nurture or nature for the love affair of girls and shoes?

Speaking of shoes we are totally loving the range of minime ballet flats, in store and online!

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Christiane Lemieux's, Dwell Studio Owner, NY apartment

DwellStudios founder and creative director, Christiane Lemieux, knows a thing or two about clean lines and minimalist glamour which is reflected both at her work and at home. She has a thriving business, husband & business partner Josh, two children Isabelle & William, a new book "Undecorate", and although she is extremely busy, she has a very laid back approach which is evident in her Soho home as well.

Disco balls hanging from the living room ceiling, kids dancing on the antique dining table are some of the things she encourages her children to do.  We got to love her even more for the fact that she quotes Munster, Missie Munster & Paperwings as her favourite kids brands.

Christiane with Isabelle and William

Kids being kids

The shiny disco ball hanging from the pipes in the living room

The amazing wallpaper in the hallway

Dining table/stage

Isabelle's pink room with amazing DwellStudio accessories

Talk about interior lust here!

DwellStudio designs is coming to Little by Little shortly!

Chat soon.