Friday, June 18, 2010

VIP Night 16th June 2010 VIP Night 16th June 2010

WOW!  What a great night we had on our VIP night!

We thought no-one would come as it was one of the coldest winters nights!  The wind that blows through Black Rock is one of those winds that goes right through your bones! I feel 100 years old just saying that!  But just ask any who lives there!

So with our bubbly chilling, our cupcakes all ready, the goody bags stacked, our lovely customers starting arriving!  It was a fun night to be had by all.

The thing is that nights like these don't just happen!  There is a lot of work leading up to these from the invites, (thanks Tamara), to the goodies bags (thanks to all our lovely suppliers), to the door prizes (thanks so much to Jeni from Beau and Arro, to the set up (thanks Anna).

On the night, Anna did not move from behind the counter, poor love, I think she was parched so I just had to give her some champagne! I was pouring drinks and my beautiful girl Benita had her own little fan club of kiddies! She entertained them whilst the mums and dads shopped!

I would like to individually thank all who came and all involved for all the effort.

We should start planning for our Summer VIP night from now...

Chat soon!
H x

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our Huge Winter Sale

By this time of the year we are OVER winter clothes.  I know that the weather is cold and we have a few months til summer is upon us but we are OVER winter clothes.

It is hard to believe that within the next two weeks we should start receiving summer 10 fashions from a few of our suppliers! (I can't wait!)  It is like I am willing winter to be over and summer to begin.

So for us to have a gorgeous shop all ready and tidy for the new arrivals we must clear all our winter ranges and that means heaps and heaps of saving for you, our lovely customers.  There are saving from everywhere, Big, Fiona, Fred Bare, Two Belles, Tommy Rocket, Purebaby, Gaia, Mini and Miss Metalicus, Munster, One Red Fly... the list goes on and on... And its up to 50% OFF more importantly!

It starts in store and online on Thursday 17th June until sold out.  And believe me things sell out very very quickly.

Don't miss out.

Chat soon!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Apples and Pears

Love, love, love gorgeous new finds and I especially love it when there are clever people behind these designs.  The gorgeous Vesna from My Little Jedi's sent me some info on her gorgeous goodies and we will soon have these divine notepads in store and online...

What looks like fruit are notepads, they come with a protective slip to make them really look like fruit! How cute!

Chat soon!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What every princess needs...

I get contacted practically everyday by different suppliers selling various things...  "Vintage" fabric dresses, bracelets, soft toys, tutus, more bracelets, wall stickers just for good measure... even more bracelets!

Very rarely do I need to contact any new brands!  But this week, Anna happened upon a gorgeous brand of tutus that I felt compelled to stock!  So we got intouch with the designer and have ordered a heap of these gorgeous pieces.  There are dresses, skirts and singlets.  There are beads, diamantes, toile and feathers.  And how about the colours, blush, aqua, champagne, creme, lavender! Amazing!

I love these tutus!  They are more than costume they are wearable, whimsical, theatrical, fun to wear, the perfect tutu!

We will have a delivery very soon and one in August! 

Oh to be aged 4 again!

Chat soon.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


At Little by Little we know how much our customers LOVEEEEE Metalicus!  So do we! Hence we rarely put it on sale!  So its with great pleasure to tell you that Metalicus is reduced for 3 Days ONLY, Thursday (today!), Friday and Saturday!

30% OFF EVERYTHING! Headbands, Basics, Fashion pieces, Tights, Mini and Miss Metalicus! AMAZING!

Hurry, hurry its online and instore! Online please make sure you include promo code MET01 at checkout otherwise no discount!

Chat soon!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More sneak peeks!

First day of winter, although you wouldn't think so if you look outside today!  Melbourne is beautiful and sunny!  It is still winter!

We need something fresh new colours and styles and what is more exciting than receiving new season stock!  Well we aren't actually receiving more like looking forward to receiving!

I though rather than worry about what season it is I would brighten up your day with some snippets of what is coming very shortly from our clever suppliers!

What do you think?