Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ubercool Fred Bare Motorcycle Tee

This is by far one of the most ubercool tees of the season. Fred Bare's motorcycle tee is it this season, the most stylish and hip tee around! (You can so tell its my fave tee of the season!)

Now in store, will be online very soon!

Chat soon

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spotty One Red Fly

Again I am going on about One Red Fly. We got in today the spotty One Red Fly foil tops in navy and dark red. They look great, easy for warm days and just layer for the cooler months ahead.

What I am loving this season is the fact that a lot of the designers have started doing transeasonal pieces. Where in the past we would have nothing but heavy winter in January deliveries and light summer for August, this year things have changed. We have at least 2 months where we can utilise the short sleeves and why not put a metalicus underneath to wear in June.

I do hope that trend continues and maybe things will even out a bit with the weather.

Chat soon

Sunday, February 21, 2010

One Red Fly Red Tree Dress

Officially this week we had the fastest selling dress in Little by Little's history. The One Red Fly Tree dresses lasted a whole day in store! Everyone that had the opportunity to see it bought it!

That style of dress suited everyone, the red was a really nice red that complimented any skin tone and they were so flattering. Needless to say the size 10 & 12 went to mums! I am so jealous I wish they made it to a size 14 kids, because I tell you I would be wearing on as well.

Saying so I have asked Lisa from One Red Fly repeatedly to go to a size 14 rather than stopping at a size 12. Apart from all the young ladies it will be catering for, it will also suit a lot of the petite mums.

Another new style that came in this week is the silver sequin dress. I want of these, apart from the fabric being fantastic and silk, the detailing is amazing! Its all hand beaded, imagine the work!

I guess styles like that when we see them we need to make sure we buy them to stock. Now to the complex task of doing the buying for summer 10 for One Red Fly!

Chat soon!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


What can I say, Anna, Tamara and I have been looking at the summer range since July! We are over it! Plus we need to make room in the shop for new season.

To do so properly we have DRASTICALLY reduced all over our Summer stock to 50% OFF the already reduced price. So in reality most stock is 70%-80% OFF the original price.

Online customers please take a look on the website, ring the store on 95890977 and we will manually do the additional reduction and process it for you. So please do not put any credit card details or go to cart. We need to do this manually.

Happy Shopping!

Chat soon.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Busy Busy Busy...

What a busy week this is for me! Apart from being in the shop, I am buying unpacking new stock and getting ready for the gift fair. We also had a new newsletter posted.

Today was crazy, I was serving customers, Anna was constantly unpacking stock. Boy what a great delivery from Fred Bare and One Red Fly was the delivery we received today. They both never disappoint. We are hope to have it online very soon. I have posted some of the Fred images on facebook.

Talk of One Red Fly, yesterday I went to do my buying for summer 10. Lisa does some amazing stuff! This coming summer she has introduced silk caftans as well as all the pieces we have come to rely on.

In the coming weeks we will give you a sneak peek.

Chat soon.


Saturday, February 13, 2010


I just spent two great days away with my beautiful daughter Benita. For her brithday, I had promised to take her to Sydney to see her beloved band The Killers in an intimate concert at the Enmore Theatre. Imagine the excitement leading to the day and imagine the disappointment when they cancelled 24 hours prior to the concert.

So here I was with two airline tickets, a hotel booked and paid for, and a very sad, actually devastated 15 year old! To top it off, her favourite designer in the world Alexander McQueen dies. So imagine the tears!

What started as a disaster ended as a great 2 days of loveliness. We went shopping (of course!), eating out, sight seeing and bonding. I had a wonderful time with my lovely Beni. We have now made a pact that we will try to have a weekend escape just the two of us, at least twice a year. I strongly recommend it!

Whilst I was away, Tamara and Anna were busy in the shop, especially now that we have had such beautiful things arrive. Tommy Rocket, Two Belles, Metalicus and Purebaby all at once. Between us all we have managed to load most of the images online.

Have a look and again, thanks Beni for a wonderful trip away.

Chat soon.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Big & Fiona by Fiona Scanlan

We received a lovely delivery from Big and Fiona.

One thing that we always sell out of is the Big and Fiona basics, the leggings, I can safely say its the most requested item every year. Mind you, every year we do a heap and we always sell out. Then the following year we do more and again we sell out.

This delivery saw the lilac, blue marle and navy, of course we have the long sleeve tops to go back with those.

Also in this delivery we see great jodpurs, layered dresses, denim skirts, scarves and of course the stripe tee that are so in fashion this year.

Everything is online... Have a look!

Chat soon.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Mini and Miss Metalicus Summer 10/11

I went to see Jane and Jenni at the agency that looks after Metalicus. You never know what to expect from Metalicus, and I have to say I went in quite apprehensive with a smallish budget.

How silly was I to feel like that.

Mini and Miss Metalicus for summer 10 is absolutely gorgeous! Names like dahlia purple, jellybean, magic dust , lemonade and siren are bound to make you take notice. Frills and spills, jumpsuits, ra-ra skirts, pinis, lace-trimmed tops (I want one for me!), shirred dresses and tops are just a taste of things to come.

Of course you have also the ever popular basics to go back with all of these delightful pieces and everything little girls and some not so little will rejoice (like I said, I will definitely try to squeeze in the 12-14 lace trimmed top in black!).

Forget about the budget!

Chat soon with more buying updates.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Little Eats

On Monday I happened upon a new website that reviews and rates restaurants based on their "kid friendliness"! What a great idea!

Little Eats check the suitability of a cafe for children/babies. It looks at whether they provide highchairs, change tables, play areas, kids menus or whether the normal menu has good kid options, if the staff treat kids well and the general look and feel of a cafe. And everything is rated accordingly.

I really like the concept! Have a look for yourself...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Summer 10 buying has started...

I am so happy at the moment, I have started summer 10 buying... Yesterday I saw the lovely Dana at Purebaby. I am very happy to tell you that they they are now extending their range to go to a size 7. I know many of my customers will be happy with that piece of information.

The best thing of all is that I loved the whole range so much that I will be doing more or less the whole range, at least in one colourway. The lines are very clean, no fuss, easy to wear, no doubt to please kids and parents alike. Another aspect of the range that I loved is that although it has the same feel and colour palette as the baby range, it is sophisticated and "older".

The problem will be that the older kids, ie 8 upwards will feel left out.

As for the babies, all I can say it is by far my favourite of all the seasons that they have done! I always walk away pleased with the girls but this year I feel that the boys is amazing... they have really nailed it. That is not to say that the girls isn't good. Like I said I feel that you will be seeing their best season to date.

Friday I will be seeing Miss and Mini Metalicus, I hope that they have a good season, summer generally is great for Metalicus.

Chat soon!