Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So much to say...

Where does one start... So much has happened in the last week, what can I say!

Apart from us slashing all our winter stock but 50% OFF the reduced price, we have also had some gorgeous new things in from Fred Bare for Summer 10!

Totally and utterly loving it and it seems our gorgeous customers are loving it too.  Fred Bare has been flying out, and you can see why!  The beautiful print dresses and tops have been a real hit, yellow and hot pink, if that doesn't signal that summer is coming I don't know what else!  The modal jumpsuits also have been a massive hit, so comfy and easy to wear, makes me want to have one!  The shorts with the divine fairy prints, I can go on and on and on...

As for the boys, the most exquisite red tee with the palm print is one of my faves for the season, its a true red, looks great with jeans and khaki and all the colours... Love it!  Also the vintage car with the surf boards, great print!  I am loving the fact that Fred Bare have gone back to what they do best, good quality clothes with fun designs in fantastic fabrics!  We are still awaiting some great boardies and tees for the July delivery, any day soon they will be in.

As for our sale, well I want to make room for all our gorgeous new season clothes and what better way than to slash the prices on the old season clothes.  Hence all and I mean all winter clothes and shoes are 50% off the reduced price, yes the reduced!  I mean business, great time to stock up on bargains and know you are getting a genuine sale.

Now we are waiting on Tommy Rocket and Two Belles (next week!), Munster, the same, more Fred Bare, purebaby, gaia, ORF.  All these should be in next week or the week after... So exciting, its like Christmas!

Chat soon.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Metalicus Summer 10

Just back from magical Italy, still jetlagged like you won't believe and had to rush to the shop and see what what happening!

And how happy I was to see the beautiful window with all the vibrant colours of Metalicus for the first delivery of summer 10!  YEAH!

The colours are amazing, apple green, jellybean, purple dehlia, also loving the names of the colours.  Everything is now online and selling so well, so hurry in store or on line and have a look at the amazing new collection for both Miss and Mini Metalicus.

Also new instore is the Gypsy 05 range for the girls, again very bright and fresh, just what we need for this time of the year, some happy colours to combat the rain.  I have been a fan for the Gypsy 05 range for quite a while as I wear the womens range.

Don't forget that we have a great Layby system so that way you have your goodies secured for when you need them.  For our online customers, please email me on and I can outline the conditions with you.

Anticipating Fred Bare any day now, I will let you know as soon as it arrives.

Chat soon!