Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just Loaded on line

What a busy night... Spent a good part of it loading Willow and Finn and Munster.  Also loaded Big and Fiona a couple of nights ago. 

The Big and Fiona delivery is my favourite of this season, you don't see Fiona Scanlan use black a lot but this drop is all black and creme, my favourite colour combination.  I love it!  Apart from the divine tulle skirts and creme tops with the black "bling" detailing, there is black/creme stripe tops, great scarfs, and of course a big range of basics.

Willow and Finn have done some great knits, skirts, jackets and tunics.  The girls use the greatest range of fabrics and do simplicity in the best possible way. 

Munster have also delivered great jeans, hoodies, windcheaters and long sleeve tees.  But what most kids love the most is the fact that Munster have "in-built" thumb holes on the sleeves, can you believe it!

Enjoy and Chat soon!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ten Top for summer 10

The buying is all done and dusted for summer 10! YEAH!

Here are my top ten items for the season coming... Drum roll please.... and in no particular order:

  • Yellow flower dress from BIG
  • Pink alice in wonderland dress from Trelise Cooper
  • The whole range of the boys Indian Tees from Fred Bare
  • Pink Silk embroidered kaftans from One Red Fly
  • Purebabies baby boys range of white/greymarle/pale blue (too hard to pick individually)
  • White lace loose dress coming in July from Fred Bare
  • The fact that Fred Bare is now going to a size 14 for girls
  • Munster Fooey Tee - White with spray paint guy playing a guitar
  • Two Belles kaftans
  • Shorts, shorts, shorts and even more shorts!  I think I have done about a thousand, for boys, girls, babies everyone in every colour!

I feel we have a wonderful season coming with lots of colour and great designs!

Please feel free to call or see me at the shop if you want more details on the above items but unfortunately at the moment I put up any design images.

Chat soon.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

20% OFF Big & Fiona Website SALE

For 3 Days Only, Thursday, Friday & Saturday we are reducing all of the Big & Fiona by Fiona Scanlan clothes and accessories by 20% OFF.  THIS IS FOR ONLINE SALES ONLY!

Happy Shopping!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Buying Season for Summer 10 and Winter 11

One more week and my buying for summer 10 (Australian & New Zealand) and winter 11(European & American), will be complete.

Still to see is Willow and Finn, today, Gaia, Friday and the big one on Monday, Fred Bare.

I have to say it has been one of the easiest season to do buying.  I have loved mostly everything I have seen.  It makes it easy and hard at the same time.  Easy because you know you can't go wrong with the beautiful design presented to you but hard because you can't conceivably to everything and you have to cull designs that you like.

There is the dreaded "B" word you have to consider as well, that awful "Budget" word!  I hate budgets, I hate them for my personal life and I hate them for my business life.  I do sometimes have to appreciate Jim because he reigns me in a bit.

Well enough about the boring side to buying.  Now the fun stuff... What is coming!

You already now about One Red Fly and Purebaby.

We are doing Claesens for winter 11, apart from their gorgeous sleepwear range that they are renowned they have a nice tight range for girls and boys going to a size 14.  We have bought a great creme/black story(my favourite colour combination) for the girls and nice graphic tees for the boys, that is coming February 11.

Munster is always great, fun, quirky and now are doing both the boys and the girls to a size 12.  We will be doing both the missy and munster range right through the size range which we are excited about.  I am sure it will be a big hit!

Minit is a new brand which we will be ranging, again like Munster its a very casual range, lots of tees, tee shirt dresses, leggings and shorts. The range is mainly cotton jersey for both boys and girls and goes to a size 8.  Very clean, great graphics and very easy to wear.  Very well priced!

Big and Fiona is very blue this season, as in the colour.  My favourite blue is that bright almost "Santorini" blue which is featured greatly in the last delivery.  Beautiful dresses, very feminine and at the same time they have a lot of everyday basics which we have come to expect and depend from Big.  They have one of my favourite dresses of the coming season.  I wish Benita was little so she could wear it!  Oh well I guess I have to get one for my niece!

Coco and Ginger have done the beautiful aqua and pink silk dresses and some lovely flowy pieces, soft and romantic.  Peggy, for the babies, again beautiful fabrics, clean designs, a welcome change from the pinks for baby girls.

And now for my personal fave (so far).... Trelise Cooper Kids.  The woman is a brilliant! Whimsical, quirky, romantic and just a few ways of describing her range this coming season.  Beautiful ribbon, silks, lace, netting, embroidery are some of the fabrics used.  Pale blues, cremes, white, black, yellow, reds, vibrant pinks are the key colours.  And for the young ones, Alice!  I can go on and on and on... Love it all!  Its so hard to decide what not to order!

I will give you another update when all the buying is done.

Chat soon!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chalk and Cheese

I love it when I hear that brands are made locally. I love it even more when there clothes are beautifully made, using brilliant fabrics and the great colour combinations.

Chalk and Cheese is all that and more.  Made locally using great fabrics and the most uncommon colour combinations.  Their styling is simple and it allows children to be just that, kids!

We have received our beautiful order on Friday and the range is now online and instore.

I love the bright and beautiful "keepsake" coat in the brilliant orange, it works so well with the "coco" (my dogs name!) skirt and the japanese wool top.

What do you think?

Chat soon.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Facebook Competition

Suggest Little by Little to your friends on Facebook and everyone goes in the draw to win a Cat Hammill bracelet valued at $100!

Come on!  Become a Little by Little Facebook fan to be kept in the loop with everything that is going on daily!

Chat soon

Sydney Gift Fair

The Gift Fairs were on in Sydney this past weekend.  My favourite is Life in Style, especially Kids in Style.

There you can pick up some of the most beautiful and unique things.  We mainly buy our gifts from there. We have our favourite suppliers that we always now we will find something.

Some of our favourites this years are:

  • Lark, where we picked up the Belle and Boo range of prints, they are gorgeous, limited editions and signed by the artist   
  • A danish company makes these recycled paper tree, (we will also have the butterfly, dragonfly and town!), amazing presents for both boys and girls
  • Joy Jewelry, the beautiful range of sterling silver bracelets for kids, great gifts for any  occassion from 1st birthdays to communions to confirmations
  • One for the mums, Love from Venus jewelry, again sterling silver, very edgy looks great layered and lots of necklaces
  • Books are big news for gifts again, Alice in Wonderland is my favourite, so guess what my present of choice will be this year!
  • Mae have done those amazing wall stickers that are dress up dolls - tell me what little girl won't love these!  I love these!
All these are arriving very soon.  They will be both in the store and on line.

Let me know what you think...

Chat soon!