Saturday, January 30, 2010


Nothing says edgy and urban in kids fashion as much as Munster. Sam, Munster"s designer/owner, has a great eye for what boys like. She should know she has 3 of them.

Their clothes are simple in design with great prints, comfortable and fun. Everything that boys want. They have recently started doing a girls range as well called Missie Munster which we will have soon as well.

Here is a small sample of what to expect. I have more images on Facebook.

Chat soon!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

One Red Fly & Fred Bare New Season

At the start of last week our shop was looking a little things changed by the end of the week.

Fred Bare and One Red Fly on the same day! We had 5 big boxes of Fred Bare to unpack and 2 big boxes of One Red Fly.

I have said it before and I will say it again, One Red Fly is one of my favourite brands. Lisa, the designer of One Red Fly, manages to combine the most simple and elegant designs with exquisite fabrics. Style and elegance, pity she doesn't make her designs for women, we would definitely be selling them.

As for Fred Bare, this delivery had a lot of boys and one of my favourite tees for both boys and girls are of the whole season are amongst those delivered. Its nice to see Fred Bare doing some very interest graphic work on their tees. Its also great to see Fred Bare ramping it up in their tee design!

My favourite fringe jacket is also in, its like a bit woolly blankie that you can cocoon in! To be a child to wear it!

All new things are now online...

Chat soon


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sancerre Jewellery

I love jewellery, especially costume jewellery, I love layering bangles and bracelets and necklaces, and chains. Somedays when I don't wear my bits and pieces I feel naked! Even customers ask me what is going on?

Everyone would ask me where I get them and one day I thought why don't I sell them instead of directing customers to other shops!

Now we sell them so well its unbelievable. My two favourite brands are San Cerre and Cat Hammill. Both of these brands have there unique look with a spiritual message. Imagine retail therapy with a purpose!

Here are some of Sarah's from Sancerre's lovely new pieces. There are sold in the set so the guess work of layering is taken out! Now available online and instore!


Monday, January 18, 2010

One Red Fly

Every season Lisa from One Red fly shows me the most simple and elegant designs in the most beautiful fabrics and for winter this year she has not disappointed. This season she has worked with my favourite colour palette, red/silver grey/navy blue. What might disappoint you is my simple photography, I will call it raw photography.

Anna will be taking more elegant pictures later in the week and we will let you know when they are available, but to satisfy your curiosity here are a couple images and more are on our facebook page.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Trelise Cooper Kids Winter 10

The lovely Amy and Katja from Trelise Cooper were nice enough to send us a disc from New Zealand Fashion Week Trelise Cooper Kids Winter 10.

After several attempts to be able to show it to you, I finally have it.

Some of the kids are just so cute...The clothes are amazing!



Click here to see the Trelise Cooper Kids Fashion Parade

Cowboy Jack

On Wednesday, Tamara and I met with a lovely lady who imports kids cowboy boots. Patrice was nice enough to bring me her range of these fabulous boots. And I was like a kid in a candy store.

As you might know I have a thing with all things shoe/boot and nothing sends a tingle down my spine like all things shoe/boot and red. I call it my Dorothy complex, somewhere in my past I must have wanted red shoes and was denied!

Hence when Patrice brough out these tiny red cowboy boots with lovely detailing, black soles my reaction was pure Glee!

Needless to say we will be have these delightful boots instore late Feb/early Mar and no doubt there are plenty of others with my complex because all things red tend to disappear very quickly.

We are also doing these boots in a distressed tan very boho/gypsy. The tan are also very unisex. The best thing of all is that the tan boots go up to a size 39, and guess who will be buying a pair for themselves?

Chat soon

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

One of my favourite things!

By far one of my most favourite things this season is this grey fringe jacket from Fred Bare. I think its fabulous, pity they haven't got an adult version of this because guess who would be wearing it all season!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

End of Season Clearance

Isn't it crazy that we are just feeling the heat of summer and in the fashion world we have the end of the season and the start of another...I am such a summer person, I love the warm of the sun but when it comes to clothes everyone who knows me nows that I LOVE winter clothes! I love the textures, colours, layers, coats, boots things that look odd if you wear them in summer. It's such a problem!

And although by having an End Of Season Sale is like saying goodbye to summer, I get so excited when the courier guys come to delivery our winter goodies. To make room for those delightful clothes/shoes/accessories, we have to clear all of the summer clothes that we have in store.

ALL summer clothes are now reduced between 30% and 50%. A great time to buy all your favourite brands, Fred Bare, Big by Fiona Scanlan, Fiona by Fiona Scanlan, Two Belles, Tommy Rocket, Metalicus, Seafolly and many more brands all reduced drastically.

Come in to the shop and say Hi or visit the website and have a look and stock up!

Chat soon.