Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010... Hello 2011!

Last day of the year today!  OMG!  And where has this year gone!  Although it feels like only yesterday we were celebrating the arrival of 2010, at the same time so much has happened in both my personal and professional life!

My year in a paragraph...

Arrival of Winter 10... beautiful things constantly  arriving... a long late summer... buying for summer... loved Trelise... loved paperwings... mini metalicus... so much colour... such beautiful designs... a girly gift fair weekend!... EASTER already... So looked forward to my own version of a "Roman Holiday"... counting down the days... VIP night!... And then Ah!!!!! Venice... Florence... Siena... Sorrento (not the Mornigton Peninsula kind but the real thing!)...  Capri... Positano (kaftan capitol of the world!)... back to cold/dark Melbourne :(... new season starts arriving...  makes you think of summer even if its freezing outside... winter buying... such gorgeous new brands... and some fave oldies but goodies... Grand final... and again Grand Final... Yeah! Collingwood finally wins! (happy hubby)... spring where are you?  Have you forgotten us... Spring Carnival... Yeah! our Little by Little winner at the junior fashion on the fields... both kids have exams... kids finish exams... great results!... getting ready for christmas... kids finish school (way too early for me!)... still, summer where are you? Have you forgotten us... we would be happy to have spring even late... crazy crazy crazy into Christmas mode... VIP night... too much bubbly!... Christmas day... too much food! too many pressies... And here we are... 40 degree... summer is finally here and so is the last day of the Year!

I wish you all a healthy and happy New Year for 2011!  And may the New Year be everything you want and more...

Chat soon!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

VIP Night 15th December 2010!

It comes around very quickly!  We have two big VIP nights every year, one in June and one in December! And boy do they come around so quickly... It was only like yesterday that we had the June VIP and we had Jack being our model for the night!  Next thing you know its December and BANG! next VIP night!

Again it was a great effort by all!  Anna, Tamara, Shaune, Shana all contricuted to the night!  Lovely Shana made all our cupcakes which were a hit!  (A hidden talent that one!) Also gorgeous Niki from Candy Soiree brought in the chocolate bars and believe me there were none left!

The champagne went down very nicely as well.  Its a nice opportunity to see people on nights like this.  We are all too caught up with our lives that it is really nice to stop and have a glass of bubbly and a chat!

Thanks to all that came and before you know it will be June (scary!).

Chat soon

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pre Santa Wish List...

This morning it has dawned on me that "OMG it's only a month til Christmas Eve..." and what have I done!  Nothing!  Zip, Zip, Zero!

I don't know about you but I feel that it's only September right now!

What is going on, how can I try to be organised in 30 days!  And to top it off I am hosting Christmas Lunch for all the family!  ARGH!

So I thought as I have been such a good girl and Santa knows who is naughty or nice that I could put a pre-Christmas wish list... ( Of course I always ask for World Peace and for children across the world to be happy and healthy, no hunger or war!  But this is about me for a change!)

  • Firstly for my daughter's room to suddenly and magically de-clutter itself and stay de-clutter for longer than half a day!  And that includes her wardrobe, which looks ready to explode!  You can actually see her clothes mutate before your eyes!
  • The house to be cleaned, inside and out!  The christmas tree decorated, the outside of the house decorated (Our whole street puts lights out and you have to keep up with the Jones... not in the scary "American Christmas house" decorating kind of way but a few fairy lights makes it look festive!)
  • All the Christmas shopping to be done, wrapped and carded under the fabulously decorated christmas tree, ready to be given to the recipients!
  • Those 7 kilos to magically disappear from my body with no exercise or dieting (this is my wish list and it is about me and it doesn't mean I can't dream)!
  • My business to run itself, with little input from me!  Great sales everyday and of course the designs and sizes for all my customers (that does happen anyway, I have a great team!)
  • For me to drink and eat all I can and not only not to gain any weight but magical loose 7 kilos! (see point 4 above)
  • For us to buy our children non computer related presents! (hahahaha!  I have a sense of humour!)
  • All the food shopping to be done and prepared ready for me to serve on the stylish table that I magically found the time to decorate!
  • Of course the table decorations to be spectacular!
  • And during this whole period to pay for everything with money that I have and not to use the credit card once!
I don't think I am asking for a lot!  

Of course don't forget for great Christmas pressies,  pay us a visit at Little by Little
    Enjoy the coming crazy month and chat soon!


    Tuesday, November 9, 2010

    Best Sellers!

    With every delivery we always have those special pieces. 

    The ones that you know will fly out the door, every customer will want!  And even if you order 2 or 3 per size, it will still all go!  Bar one!  That ellusive one!  That one size that for whatever reason does not sell!

    It doesn't make any sense because its not a specific size, it could be a tee in a size 3 and shorts in a size 6  (by the way our two most popular sizes!).  It just doesn't make sense!  Those in retail will know exactly what I am talking about!  We have learned to accept it and not try to analyze it too much!

    Because of the above reasons we have decided to clear our "Last of the best sellers!".  Across all brands, Fred Bare, One Red Fly, Two Belles, Tommy Rocket, Munster, Minti  there are those sizes specific sizes that aren't going anywhere so you get to save!  There are some pieces that only arrived last week, our we have had for months, it doesn't matter!  We want you to save save save!

    So drop in Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and enjoy 25%Off across those pieces!

    Hope to see you!


    Wednesday, October 20, 2010

    Trelise Cooper Kids Photography!

    A picture tells a thousand words!  How very true in most situations!  We are lucky enough that we have some wonderful suppliers that provide us with magnificent images that truly help us to sell their product.

    Some that spring in mind are Fred Bare, always generous with any images from their website and also they would sends us heaps of catalogues back in the pre-internet days.  Metalicus, they always do great photography and sends us a pdf from their whole catalogue including the dreaded flat lays!  Purebaby amazing all the time and anytime with images, they do great shoots to reflect the mood of that season, whether its feathers or acorns it comes through in their photography. Paperwings again, from when we do the buying we have their whole catalogue and boy oh boy it is fantastic and inspirational!  Same with Munster! Two Belles and Tommy Rocket always giving with flat lays and of course when they do a catalogue!

    Most designers realise the importance of a great shoot!  At the end of the day it is there to sell their product and that is what it does!

    Which takes us to this seasons Trelise Cooper Kids photography.  It blew me off my chair when I saw it!  If I say amazing its not an understatement!  WOW!

    They have managed to capture the most beautiful images of the clothes in a way that it reflects the mood of the season.  Generally we only use images of the stock that we have instore, of course we can't order everything.  This season I have ordered most of the stock in the imagery but even if I didn't I still would've used these images!

    Enjoy these beautiful photos and I am sure you will be seeing them used in my website, facebook everywhere!

    Chat soon!

    PS I am seeing the range this afternoon... busting!

    Tuesday, October 19, 2010

    25% OFF 2 DAYS ONLY!!!!!!!!!!! Wednesday & Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The header says it all! 25% OFF All Clothes and Shoes for 2 days, Wednesday and Thursday! 

    Great time to stock up for summer! 

    Chat soon!


    Friday, October 15, 2010

    Top 10 for Winter '11

    The buying is finally coming to a close close next week (Trelise Cooper a little late this year).  And being inspired by some of my facebook friends, I decided to do my top 10 in kids fashion for winter '11

    TOP 10 KIDS Fashion Winter '11

    10. Shaggy Vests - everyone has done one!  Loving the HOT and I mean HOT PINK Fred Bare one, the caramel coloured one from Big & Fiona is also pretty great!

    9. Denim, Denim and even more denim... Denim skirts, denim shirts, denim jeans, denim dresses and of course one of the highlights of summer (welcome back and here have you been all this time????????)the denim jackets.  Some amazing new brands showcasing Denim, brands like Kiniki (unisex very cool and edgy), Kutie Protocol (Columbian again fabulous), and of course our faves from over the years Fred Bare, Two Belles, Tommy Rocket, Munster.

    8.Kiniki, mentioned above, I feel that this brand can really work well.  A small tight range but with heaps of potential.  I really like the fact that most pieces work for both boys and girls.  Apart from a few tees that are more gender specific the rest of the range can be for both.  Especially loving the fact that they have amazing trackies! Click here to have a sneak peek of the range!

    7. Tracksuits, I don't think I will have many customers complaining that we haven't done enough trackies.  Lets go through the brands and have a look at who hasn't done trackies rather than who has done them... Two Belles, Tommy Rocket, Fred Bare, Minti, Kiniki, Munster, Missie Munster, Purebaby Kids, Paul Frank.  And of course there is a tracksuit for every taste!

    6. Purebaby Kids (and Baby!)  I love this range, again they haven't disappointed me, on the contrary I loved practically every piece they have done!  The kids colour pallete is amazing, licorice, navy, pomgranate, cream, grey... imagine!  I was like a kid in a candy store!  The designs clean, non-fussy, everything you have come to expect from the babies range but on a higher level!

    5. Transeasonal pieces.  Quite a few of the designers are catching on that when seasons are released it is not necessarily valid with the weather outside, hence a few are starting to either release the range later or they are designing pieces that work for that time of the year.  Fred Bare for instance have done a beautiful almost "high summer" with their first winter delivery.  Floral, silk/cotton summer dresses and jumpsuits that are perfect for late December early January!  Please Please more designers do the same!

    4. Gaia has really taken it up a notch with their babies range, they have done some beautiful velours, soft and cuddly, just perfect for little bubbas in winter!

    3. Trelise Cooper Kids, I know what you are going to say... I haven't even seen it yet!  I know that I will love it!  It always happens, its a love affair that has been happening for ages...  Animal print, bright yellow, creams and blacks (my personal fave combo!) and oh! Yeah! a stunning coat with the Eiffell Tower on the back complete with the flag!  Have a look for yourself! Click Here!

    2.  Two Belles and Tommy Rockets - Cozy Wear!  How fantastic!  Not quite trackies, dressier and not quite pyjamas!  Something to change into after school, what to wear when you want to lounge around!  Perfect for sleepovers!  Love it!

    And now for No 1.  Drum roll please....

    1. One Red Fly!  I love this brand!  Like Trelise Cooper, I have been doing ORF for a long time and every year I see it getting better and better.  This year the knits are amazing.  The colour palette is very grey, pink, black, aubergine. What I also love is  the fact that ORF  will have a big sister from next season and unlike other brands the look and feel for this older.  Its not a repetition of the smaller sizes, it has its own unique look and feel.  I am so sure it will do very well on so many levels.

    So here are my top 10!  I hope you will love the next season as much as I do!

    Chat soon.


    Tuesday, September 28, 2010

    30% OFF Big, Fiona and Paul Frank

    Love a good genuine sale!  We only do 'real' sales as I hate nothing more when you get notices for sales and all they have is reaaaallly old stock and nothing else.

    At Little by Little when we do a sale it is current and across the board!

    Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday we will have Paul Frank, Big and Fiona all reduced by 30%.  Got to love that!

    The promo code for online orders is BPF01 but if unsure please ring the store on 0395890977.

    On another note, now that daylight savings is starting, thats another thing on my fave list of things, Sunday trading is back at Little by Little!  We will start on Sunday 3rd October right through to Christmas (scary we are talking about Christmas! Agh!).

    The hours are 11.00am to 4.00pm.  Hope to see you!

    Chat soon!


    Saturday, September 11, 2010

    Purebaby Kids

    I have been a very busy girl of late trying to get all my orders in and processed as I go.  One order that I have been stumped with is Purebaby Kids!

    I could easily do the whole range for winter next year!  Love it!  (btw I love the baby range as well!) What I love is the colour palette, the simplicity of the designs as well as the wearability of the clothes.  The colour pallete includes colours like Pomegranate, licorice, fawn, indigo and oatmeal.  Nice, classic and no pink in site for the girls!  YEAH!  The boys colour palette is very similar to the girls and that says alot about how the range is.

    The colour range and look is very similar with the range that has just arrived instore.  The first Purebaby Kids range!  Our customers are really loving it!  Nice, clean easy clothes and the price to match.  

    For the launch of the range, we are offering the customer who purchase $100 and over on Purebaby Kids whether instore or online a free beach bag!  What a great gift and its not one of those shaby little bags, this one is great.  It can easily fit a big beach towel as well as a change of clothes!

    For those of you that haven't seen the range, I have attached some images though we have most of the range on our website...

    Enjoy and let me know what you think!

    Chat soon!

    Wednesday, September 8, 2010

    Miss and Mini Metalicus

    Metalicus has only 2 deliveries every season and we get so excited with they come in!

    This delivery is by far my all time favourite! I know that is saying something about a brand that I have supported from day one!

    I love the Mini so badly, they have gotten the colours so right this time round!  Yellow, Red, Pink and Purple!  Tell me if there is a "little-girl-favourite-colour" missing from that range!
    The tiered dress, the playsuits, the shorts the list goes on and on... see for yourself what I am talking about!  One of the styles has already sold out and mind you we did it in 4 colours!  Amazing!

    Also loving the simple elegance of the Miss range, those black and white tops I would gladly wear myself (you all know my desire to wear half the clothes in my shop!).

    Thought I would show you some pictures also now online and instore... but who knows for how long?

    Chat soon!

    Wednesday, August 25, 2010


    Today I caught up with Michelle from Paperwings and her gorgeous baby girl!  We always sidetrack when we catch up and today was no different!  Breastfeeding, poo, bottles, Oh! and clothes...

    But amongst all the chatting, I managed to see her lovely range for winter 11.  True to Paperwings style, its a tight classic range.  What I really loved though today was the baby range of Paperwings.  We have ordered it for summer as well and are hoping to have it instore mid-September.  

    The theatrical element of Paperwings designs are so evident in this and every range I have seen.  And they too love red like me! Also layering is so easy for kids, you get to wear their clothes all year round, and Paperwings design around layering in a fun colourful way.

    Of course I can't show you what is happening for winter, but I can let you know what to expect for summer... More images on Facebook!

    Chat soon!

    Wednesday, August 18, 2010

    Buying Update!

    Wow!  How busy have the last couple of weeks been!

    The buying season is in full swing. Already done are, One Red Fly, Gaia, Claesens, Minti, Willow and Finn, Kiniki, Nolita Pockets.  Coming next week are Metalicus, Big and Fiona, Paperwings, Two Belles, Tommy Rocket, Purebaby, Paul Frank!  What a busy week!

    What I can report already is the winter 11 is shaping up to be fantastic!  I am seeing lots and lots of knits, which I love. Grey is huge, all shades of grey from a light grey marle to deep charcoal greys.  The pants are very comfy, I am seeing the harem pant again but in a more structured form for both boys and girls, lots of layering pieces as well.

    Loved a new brand I saw called Kiniki, very wearable!  A tight range that I see developing greatly, again stylish but comfortable clothes, they have that worn, lived in look that kids love!

    I am very happy to say that I saw two new 8 - 14 brands emerge!  Yeah!  Fun, edgy clothes for that hard to buy for group.  Sometimes that age group is so hard because they aren't quite grown up but at the same time they aren't little.  No doubt to attract the more petite mums as well. What I saw impressed me greatly wish I could say more but you have to stay tuned in for more details in months to come.

    I have to say that its shaping to be a winter of comfort!

    Will report more next week.

    In the meantime, drop in to the store or online, heaps of new things are in.  We have unpacked so many boxes the last few days!  Just in today was Purebaby which we love love love!!!  Looking at their range makes us want to have more babies... Just a thought...

    Chat soon!

    Friday, August 6, 2010

    Buying Season has started YEAH!!!!!!

    Love this time of the year!  As you know it's by far the pat part of my job.

    Getting excited, anticipating what the designers have taking into account the last few months, what they used as inspiration and what they have created on their own.

    Hoping to see something new but at the same token wanting them to keep all the good stuff.

    Well the wait is over! Today the buying starts and there will be many posts giving you updates on everything that is coming next season and the following... Remember Australian brands are showing Winter 11 and European/American Brands are showing Summer 11!

    First up today is Gaia Organic Cotton and one of my personal faves One Red Fly!

    Chat soon!

    Wednesday, July 28, 2010

    So much to say...

    Where does one start... So much has happened in the last week, what can I say!

    Apart from us slashing all our winter stock but 50% OFF the reduced price, we have also had some gorgeous new things in from Fred Bare for Summer 10!

    Totally and utterly loving it and it seems our gorgeous customers are loving it too.  Fred Bare has been flying out, and you can see why!  The beautiful print dresses and tops have been a real hit, yellow and hot pink, if that doesn't signal that summer is coming I don't know what else!  The modal jumpsuits also have been a massive hit, so comfy and easy to wear, makes me want to have one!  The shorts with the divine fairy prints, I can go on and on and on...

    As for the boys, the most exquisite red tee with the palm print is one of my faves for the season, its a true red, looks great with jeans and khaki and all the colours... Love it!  Also the vintage car with the surf boards, great print!  I am loving the fact that Fred Bare have gone back to what they do best, good quality clothes with fun designs in fantastic fabrics!  We are still awaiting some great boardies and tees for the July delivery, any day soon they will be in.

    As for our sale, well I want to make room for all our gorgeous new season clothes and what better way than to slash the prices on the old season clothes.  Hence all and I mean all winter clothes and shoes are 50% off the reduced price, yes the reduced!  I mean business, great time to stock up on bargains and know you are getting a genuine sale.

    Now we are waiting on Tommy Rocket and Two Belles (next week!), Munster, the same, more Fred Bare, purebaby, gaia, ORF.  All these should be in next week or the week after... So exciting, its like Christmas!

    Chat soon.

    Thursday, July 15, 2010

    Metalicus Summer 10

    Just back from magical Italy, still jetlagged like you won't believe and had to rush to the shop and see what what happening!

    And how happy I was to see the beautiful window with all the vibrant colours of Metalicus for the first delivery of summer 10!  YEAH!

    The colours are amazing, apple green, jellybean, purple dehlia, also loving the names of the colours.  Everything is now online and selling so well, so hurry in store or on line and have a look at the amazing new collection for both Miss and Mini Metalicus.

    Also new instore is the Gypsy 05 range for the girls, again very bright and fresh, just what we need for this time of the year, some happy colours to combat the rain.  I have been a fan for the Gypsy 05 range for quite a while as I wear the womens range.

    Don't forget that we have a great Layby system so that way you have your goodies secured for when you need them.  For our online customers, please email me on and I can outline the conditions with you.

    Anticipating Fred Bare any day now, I will let you know as soon as it arrives.

    Chat soon!


    Friday, June 18, 2010

    VIP Night 16th June 2010 VIP Night 16th June 2010

    WOW!  What a great night we had on our VIP night!

    We thought no-one would come as it was one of the coldest winters nights!  The wind that blows through Black Rock is one of those winds that goes right through your bones! I feel 100 years old just saying that!  But just ask any who lives there!

    So with our bubbly chilling, our cupcakes all ready, the goody bags stacked, our lovely customers starting arriving!  It was a fun night to be had by all.

    The thing is that nights like these don't just happen!  There is a lot of work leading up to these from the invites, (thanks Tamara), to the goodies bags (thanks to all our lovely suppliers), to the door prizes (thanks so much to Jeni from Beau and Arro, to the set up (thanks Anna).

    On the night, Anna did not move from behind the counter, poor love, I think she was parched so I just had to give her some champagne! I was pouring drinks and my beautiful girl Benita had her own little fan club of kiddies! She entertained them whilst the mums and dads shopped!

    I would like to individually thank all who came and all involved for all the effort.

    We should start planning for our Summer VIP night from now...

    Chat soon!
    H x

    Tuesday, June 15, 2010

    Our Huge Winter Sale

    By this time of the year we are OVER winter clothes.  I know that the weather is cold and we have a few months til summer is upon us but we are OVER winter clothes.

    It is hard to believe that within the next two weeks we should start receiving summer 10 fashions from a few of our suppliers! (I can't wait!)  It is like I am willing winter to be over and summer to begin.

    So for us to have a gorgeous shop all ready and tidy for the new arrivals we must clear all our winter ranges and that means heaps and heaps of saving for you, our lovely customers.  There are saving from everywhere, Big, Fiona, Fred Bare, Two Belles, Tommy Rocket, Purebaby, Gaia, Mini and Miss Metalicus, Munster, One Red Fly... the list goes on and on... And its up to 50% OFF more importantly!

    It starts in store and online on Thursday 17th June until sold out.  And believe me things sell out very very quickly.

    Don't miss out.

    Chat soon!

    Monday, June 14, 2010

    Apples and Pears

    Love, love, love gorgeous new finds and I especially love it when there are clever people behind these designs.  The gorgeous Vesna from My Little Jedi's sent me some info on her gorgeous goodies and we will soon have these divine notepads in store and online...

    What looks like fruit are notepads, they come with a protective slip to make them really look like fruit! How cute!

    Chat soon!


    Tuesday, June 8, 2010

    What every princess needs...

    I get contacted practically everyday by different suppliers selling various things...  "Vintage" fabric dresses, bracelets, soft toys, tutus, more bracelets, wall stickers just for good measure... even more bracelets!

    Very rarely do I need to contact any new brands!  But this week, Anna happened upon a gorgeous brand of tutus that I felt compelled to stock!  So we got intouch with the designer and have ordered a heap of these gorgeous pieces.  There are dresses, skirts and singlets.  There are beads, diamantes, toile and feathers.  And how about the colours, blush, aqua, champagne, creme, lavender! Amazing!

    I love these tutus!  They are more than costume they are wearable, whimsical, theatrical, fun to wear, the perfect tutu!

    We will have a delivery very soon and one in August! 

    Oh to be aged 4 again!

    Chat soon.

    Thursday, June 3, 2010


    At Little by Little we know how much our customers LOVEEEEE Metalicus!  So do we! Hence we rarely put it on sale!  So its with great pleasure to tell you that Metalicus is reduced for 3 Days ONLY, Thursday (today!), Friday and Saturday!

    30% OFF EVERYTHING! Headbands, Basics, Fashion pieces, Tights, Mini and Miss Metalicus! AMAZING!

    Hurry, hurry its online and instore! Online please make sure you include promo code MET01 at checkout otherwise no discount!

    Chat soon!


    Tuesday, June 1, 2010

    More sneak peeks!

    First day of winter, although you wouldn't think so if you look outside today!  Melbourne is beautiful and sunny!  It is still winter!

    We need something fresh new colours and styles and what is more exciting than receiving new season stock!  Well we aren't actually receiving more like looking forward to receiving!

    I though rather than worry about what season it is I would brighten up your day with some snippets of what is coming very shortly from our clever suppliers!

    What do you think?


    Wednesday, May 26, 2010

    Big & Fiona 3 Days Sale - 30% OFF

    Got to love a Sale and we have 30% Off all our Fiona and Big clothes, hosiery and accessories on sale Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

    WOW!  That discount is off everything!  Not the odd pieces here and there!

    Hurry in store at 18 Bluff Road Black Rock or online at  If you are placing an order online make sure you enter promo code BIG02 at check out.

    Chat soon!

    Friday, May 21, 2010

    Zephire Just In

    May isn't the month for huge new deliveries, and at Little by Little we love it when new things come in!

    I got a bit excited today because Zephire have sent through a gorgeous range of little dresses and jackets.  Love the "furry" vests, so warm and cuddly and so so cute! They start at a size 3 to 14!

    Also divine crop jackets in that beautiful pumpkin colour!  I am going through a pumpkin /orange faze at the moment.  I am loving it!  It is such a great statement colour and a breathe of fresh air in amongst the drabness of winter!

    Enjoy and chat soon!


    Tuesday, May 18, 2010

    Paul Frank/Tweens

    Yesterday and I went to see the lovely Mel from Paul Frank for second summer.  I real like the second summer deliveries because they come in after all the main players have delivered and they inject some newness to the shop. Also second summer is normal fun and gifty.

    We do a really nice second summer with Paul Frank as they have the fun PJs, beach towels, bags, wallets so on...

    I was very happy to see yesterday that they are re-introducing the 8 - 14 year old size.  They had this size in the past and did away with it! Why? Our best customers are the tween/teen girls and for the last couple of season have had to buy women XXS, XS because there was nothing else.

    Why do so many brands do  away with that vital age bracket. Do they think that kids of that age don't buy clothes or do they think that a size 14 is for a 14 year-old.  Everyday we see on TV that our kids are getting bigger and bigger.  I sell most of my size 10 to 7 & 8 year olds.  Mind you they aren't big, they are just taller or want their clothes roomier.  Kids aren't hung up on sizes like adults are.  They seek look and comfort.

    Fred Bare had Hula Girl which was their "older" girl range.  They stopped it and then reintroduced it and now they stopped it again!  At least Fred Bare has caught on and now are taking the girls range to a size 14 and the boys range to a size 12.  Also they have some styles that are slight more sophisticated that they can be for the older children.

    The brands that we carry that are going to the bigger sizes are Fiona, Two Belles & Tommy Rocket, One Red Fly, of course Fred Bare, Willow and Finn, Trelise Cooper, Paperwings.  I am also introducing for summer Gypsy 05 Kids and they too have a great range for the older kids.

    Chat soon.

    Wednesday, May 12, 2010

    30% OFF All Fred Bare Sale

    We have decided to reduce ALL the Fred Bare winter range by 30% OFF for 3 days, Thurday, Friday and Saturday.  A great time for our lovely customers to stock up and buy the winter essentials for their little blossoms!

    The sale is both in store and online, just enter promo code FB01 at checkout when processing your order online!

    Happy Shopping!


    Saturday, May 8, 2010

    Mother's Day Comp

    Thanks to all our beautiful customers for posting some great photos for our facebook Mother's Day Competition!

    We rceived the most gorgeous photos around!

    Here are some of them...

    Chat soon.


    Thursday, May 6, 2010

    New decorator items

    As many of you know I am a big fan of Lisa Cox. Lisa, has the most beautiful, whimsical, original pieces for both children and adults.

    Lisa first approached me to sell her art work many years ago when I started my business and since then I have had the priviledge of witnessing Lisa's star rise.  She is now enjoying the success of being in many galleries both in Victoria and interstate.

    Her style is suits any environment, hence her popularity with customers buying her paintings for their children as well as themselves.

    Yesterday she dropped in this gorgeous  painting.  It's part of her classroom collections and I just love it to bits!

    Also a new brand to our collection in the shop and very soon online, is the range from Lilly and Lolly.  They have the most beautiful range of linen, lamps and cushions.  I love their bold colours and interesting graphics, very simple and elegant, again suits any environment.

    Their furniture pieces are functional, well made and they use the best range of finishes, we can order all their pieces for you as we are tight for space to have them all in the shop.

    Let me know what you think!

    Chat soon.


    Friday, April 23, 2010

    Where is Autumn?

    I thought the day would never come when I would say this.... Officially I am so over summer!

    I can't believe that I have not only said this but I actually put it in writing as well! 

    Well this year in Melbourne we have had such warm humid weather you would think we live in Sydney but not only is the humidity affecting our hair, well it also is affecting our mood our sleep and our wardrobes.  

    I am sick of wearing my last season summer clothes.  I thought they, the summer clothes,  would be relegated to the back of the wardrobe to be forgotten until I do my next wardrobe cleanup and then I would find them and take them to the poor bin... But NO, that is not the case this year, I have worn everything to death and I am sick of it!

    I have bought such nice, warm clothes that I am busting to wear!  Nice cardigans, merino dresses, tights and boots... I love my boots and am seriously wanting to wear them.  I am busting so badly that I wore them the other day on a 28 degree day with a dress.

    I had a little girl come into the shop last week asking me when the new bikinis would be in and  I had to laugh because they will be in a few weeks!  And as yet kids like us haven't had the chance to enjoy new winter fashion.

    I know it won't be long before I will be eating my words and begging for the heat and sunshine.  With the days getting darker and nights getting longer my words will come back to bite me!

    Chat soon.

    Wednesday, April 21, 2010

    Mini and Miss Metalicus New Delivery

    Metalicus always does great colours, especially in the Mini Metalicus range.   I have to say the pink (winter pink) and purple (hourglass!?!?) that they have done for this second delivery is amazing!  Nice clean pink and purple, no wishy washy from Mini Metalicus!

    Nice bold stripes and shirring and I love shirring!  Many of the dresses are A-line or flowy.  These designs are flattering for every little blossom!

    And lets not forget that this delivery has had great skirts in there as well!  I really liked this delivery for the Mini Metalicus range. 

    But I ask "Where do they get the names from?"

    As for the Miss Metalicus range, well they have my favourite of their dresses in this delivery, the Soho Pocket dress.  I liked it so much I have ordered it in 3 colour ways.  There you know that I like a style!  Again, names like Roxy (pinky/redy colour), pigeon (taupe/grey/khaki) and night marle (very dark navy) descibe the Miss Metalicus colours.

    Of course their basics are always on our best seller lists as well as the tights (stripe or solid).

    Come instore or go online!  Hurry as Mini and Miss Metalicus is always quick out the door!

    Chat soon!

    Wednesday, April 7, 2010

    30% OFF Mid Season Sale

    There is a huge range of pieces reduced both online and instore. Fred Bare, Big, Fiona, Two Belles and Tommy Rocket are all reduced.

    Lelli Kelly is 30% to 50% OFF as well!

    Drop in or visit our website for full details.

    Chat soon.


    Tuesday, March 30, 2010

    Just Loaded on line

    What a busy night... Spent a good part of it loading Willow and Finn and Munster.  Also loaded Big and Fiona a couple of nights ago. 

    The Big and Fiona delivery is my favourite of this season, you don't see Fiona Scanlan use black a lot but this drop is all black and creme, my favourite colour combination.  I love it!  Apart from the divine tulle skirts and creme tops with the black "bling" detailing, there is black/creme stripe tops, great scarfs, and of course a big range of basics.

    Willow and Finn have done some great knits, skirts, jackets and tunics.  The girls use the greatest range of fabrics and do simplicity in the best possible way. 

    Munster have also delivered great jeans, hoodies, windcheaters and long sleeve tees.  But what most kids love the most is the fact that Munster have "in-built" thumb holes on the sleeves, can you believe it!

    Enjoy and Chat soon!